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sunrise on the south China sea - oil on canvas - 200cm x 100cm - 2009

20 January 2013

2013 - One Planet - solo exhibition @ Galerie Quynh

One Planet is my first solo exhibition in Ho Chi Minh city. In this show, i present the transformation of the ideas from 2D works to 3D installations.
One Planet is generously supported by the Danish Embassy in Hanoi's Cultural Development and Exchange Fund (CDEF).

 Go To Market
materials: wood, plastic fruits, nylon bags, metal, cotton.
dimensions: w:60cm - h:200cm - d:400cm

Nguyen Manh Hung's work is inspired by his experiences and observation of Vietnamese life. In "Go To Market", a jet plane hutles trhough the ground floor gallery, transformed from hi-tech war machine to scaled-down and meticulously constructed sculpture, at onece playful and harmless.
Betraying the artist's long-held fascination with militaristic images - his father was a fighter jet pilot - the surreal scene of fighter plane carrying nylon bags laden with shopping goods humorously morphs a symbol of destruction with conduits of hope, benevolence and joy.
(statement by Galerie Quynh)
  Go To Market photo 1P4A1444_zps8459f97d.jpg Go To Market photo IMG_3653_zpsf565ff89.jpg Go To Market photo 1P4A1486_zps0ba99a35.jpg Go To Market photo IMG_3549_zps4ae2805d.jpg  
Keep My Planet Clean
materials: clay, fabric, metal, resin, plant-derived roots, plastic, acrylic paint.
dimensions: w:140cm - h:100cm - d:70cm

"Keep My Planet Clean" is a small diorama have been transformed from a painting i've made in 2012. With image of riot police torturing a pig, i would like to present a humorous situation about violence, there are including both brutality and stupidity.
  Keep My Planet Clean photo IMG_3596_zps8208957a.jpg Keep My Planet Clean photo IMG_3583_zps0fd2041e.jpg Keep My Planet Clean photo IMG_3594_zpsac9b3511.jpg  
The Barricade
Materials: wood, paper, plastic, metal, nylon, LED lighting system, sawdust, canvas bags, sand.
Dimensions: w: 430cm - h: 220cm - d: 120cm

In the difficult time of the subsidized economy, a standard apartment is assigned to 2 or 3 families. They have to negotiate about dividing space to live together. If this family get bathroom then they have to cede the kitchen to other family, and sharing the toilet.
With cramped living conditions, lack of water, difficult economic… these families often have to expand the living space with the cage, self equipped with water pump and pipes, livestock poultry in the apartments to improve their life… Those are major factors that alter the shape and structure of the building as well as affect the habits and lifestyle of people.
Life in these buildings isn't life of the people in urban areas, but in the village. A high-rise village.
The history of Vietnam goes through the wars and who suffer the consequences of the bombing is the people of Vietnam.
In this work, i use the images that associated with Vietnamese such as apartment blocks and barricade to combine in one installation. It aims to present a perspective about war in the language of art.
  The Barricade photo IMG_3599_zps5116a295.jpg The Barricade photo IMG_3574_zpsd34c1160.jpg The Barricade photo IMG_3565_zps9b0db335.jpg The Barricade photo IMG_3572_zpseee8d676.jpg  
I've Been Here
Materials: oil on readymade painting
Dimensions: 109cm x 178.7cm

Hanoi's cottage landscape painting industry serves as a platform to present the intersection of given realities with false, utopian panoramas. Often depicting romantic, imaginary sceneries comprised of snow-peaked mountain ranges, pristine rivers and lush pine forests, these fanciful worlds serves as rural setting for the artist's reality check, authoritarian figurenavigates his grassy path like a cop on patrol.
"I've Been Here" forms part of a series of paintings the artist refers to as 'Mauvais Gout', which literally translate as 'bad taste'. Not only does the readymade painting - the mass-produced kitsch landscape painting - indicate a misguided aesthetic, so too the gold frame accentuates the brash presentation of the artwork. Given the presence of the security personnel strolling through the scene, the overall effect mirrors the tactless self-assertion of individuals who mismanage their positions of power.

I've been here photo IMG_3570_zpsaf808ef0.jpg making of 
I've Been Here photo IMG_3289_zpsb5919077.jpg

08 January 2013


There is an interview on the website of Queensland Art Gallery. It made in 2012 November during my set up.
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