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sunrise on the south China sea - oil on canvas - 200cm x 100cm - 2009

20 October 2007

Paintings 2007

I love humor, and I like to make a joke about everything. Su-realism is a useful language which helps me create fun. I also mix in my paintings hi-tech and lo-tech elements. I was born and raised in an apartment block in Hanoi – Vietnam. My father was a fighting pilot, and my mother was an engineer for the Vietnam Rail Way Corporation. No one in my family was concerned about art.
In my eyes, Vietnam is one of the strangest countries in the world.
People work and behave according to certain habits originating from the agricultural way of life. We live, quarrel, build, eat...just like farmers do. In Vietnam, the culture of the village persists and has a hidden power that affects all the population. Even though we are rushing towards capitalism, this life style shall never disappear. This is what makes Vietnamese people always special, wherever they are.



2007 - drop the rice (x)

2007 - drop rice (ECFA)

2007 - drop the rice 2

2007 - air show (ECFA)

2007 - sketch

2007-sketch of airfarm2

2007 - airfarm (ECFA)

2007-sketch of airfarm1